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How to maintain a Goal?

Coach Matthias B. by Matthias B.
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How to maintain a goal over a longer period of time

When people writing dowm their goals or having a goal in mind they are first very motivated. They feel aspired and dedicated to make this goal happen. Sometimes alot of hours every day and the first days everything seems to be working in their favor. They are telling everybody about their goal for example that they lost the first kilo, they learned the first 100 vocabulary and they have spoken to 10 girls. They are seeing all the opportunities and take massive action. They want to implement small changes in their lifes to succeed and so they start working on their goal. Most goals like a university degree,being in a great shape, learning a new language, getting the girl of the dreams , installing a different mindset etc. all of them takes normally more time. People need to investigate and reseach and repeating some kind of actions and behaviours again and again to reach closer to the goal.
Because it takes time and effort people should have their goal in mind like a vivid movie. They are knowing what will be different, what will they be doing different, how will they feel and what kind of results will they achieve at the end of this process. The results and the good feelings always remeber the person to continue with their actions and you can maintain the motivation to work on your goal more easy when you are remebering yourself for what are you working on. You are defining for yourself the why and the reason for you to take the actions. Without the strategy to motivate yourself again and again over a longer time it could be a challenge to persist and continue to work towards your outcome. This so called future memory of your goal is very important to know. You can write the end picture or movie when successfully achieved the goal on a paper or you are running it in your mind again and again. Its like an imagination, when i have achieved my business i am having alot of great clients and they are loving so much to work with me. I feel very confident in helping these people and every day im getting more clients. I feel empowered to talk to more people every day on the street,in bars and socialize alot. My income is much better and i love travelling to all this places and really enjoy my life at the fullest potential. I feel so great in every conversation because ive put put in the work and now i can clearly see that all the hard work pays totally off. I am having fantastic relationship, beautiful friendships and feeling very proud of myself. All the consistent action was absolutely worth it and now im here. I am having my business and its growing quickly and dramatically every day and month. I feel so great. This is an example of a future memory where you are looking in the future and how it will look like and what will you be doing different when achieved.
Also a great tool to use is to look how a perfect day in your life would look like if you achieved your goal. For example: When i am having my dream and perfect body i will look totally proud and with open eyes in the mirror. I feel in my whole body alot of happiness and im totally focused to engage even more in this perfect process. Im loving it so much to see me like this and how i relate now to my body changed alot. I feel happy, alive, vibrant and full of love. I recomend everybody to start to train and continue all the time until you succeed alot. It is totally worth it and all this great feelings are amazing to feel. You are walking the whole day proud through the streets and standing in conversations with a great and fantastic posture there. You love so much to eat all the very healthy food and you enjoy all the positiv and curious watch of the other people. You are going to the gym with so much passion and love and you are fully feeling the dedication and motivation. When you listen to your loved music you start the training with a big smile on your face. Like this when you create a fully picture and movie of a day like this in your head its much easier and alot more healthier to maintain a goal in your life.
Also important is to look at the feelings you feel during your actions. When you feel good about your actions towards the goal its the right attitude. And when you feel great and inspired by the outcome you are having all the motivation it takes to work every day on your goal. No goal can persist if you are not feeling totally enganged and amazing about the goal. You have to feel fully motivated to achieve this goal. This goal is so important and it is totally your wish to achieve it that you are fully and completely engaged,inpsired and dedciated to work on it every day.

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