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Would you like to be outrageously happy? How would you know if you were?

Coach Matthias B. by Matthias B.
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People are talking alot about happiness and that they would like to live a happy life. The concept of being actually a happy person is something that has been discussed since hundreds of years and people are looking forward to find good solutions to live a happy life. First people have to understand that it is about making a decision. I decide myself to commit to live a happy life and i make everything it takes to become a happy person like that. It depends totally on the individual person what happiness really means. For person A happiness is to have alot of money and finacial freedom to travel the whole world and just being free. For person b it is to have a great and happy realtionship, being treated with respect and seeing around him many happy faces and smiles. And for person c it is again something totally different. At the end it is like a choice that only the person can do for themselves. Knowing that it is a choice also means that you can have alot of power and control about where you are going in your life.
So maybe we start where we are always starting and that is where you are now. Look at your actual life now and consider what you like about your life and what you dont like. What is a huge dream of you and how would you like to accomplish it. As soon as you begin to make a clearer picture what you are already having and take it to progress and work towards your dream you are already walking in very comfortable shoes. And really consider and look at what happiness really means to you. Maybe you can write it down on a paper or you are talking with your friends or partners about this topic. The more clearity you are getting the easier it will be for you to be a happy peron like this. How would you like to live a happy life and what has to happen to achieve it. And many people are walking around every day and never consider what is their personal criteria to know that they were a very happy person. If you dont know it how could you be a happy person?And when you are not a happy person how wouldnt you know you are were?Take all the time you need in your life to create that movie in your mind.
Really create a full hd movie how a happy life for you would look like. What would you see at such a day?How would you act?How would you behave?Who is involved in this hapy day?Really imagine the endpoint of being happy and experience it totally how would it be like to live like this. Really asociate into the movie and let your unconscious guide you through that process. And really working backwards through all the scenes and things that has to happen to fullfill this dream. When you are living a happy life you are like what?What makes it different and what could you notice in your environemnt that is different. When you are knowing how it would look and feel like you are giving your mind the possibility to make it happen. Its like going in a restaurant and ordering the food you like to eat. Some minutes later you are receiving the food and you feel good about your choice. Its happening because you are knowing the criteria what you would like to have. Or when you are choosing your job you are looking as well what kind of job fits more your personality and so you are choosing. When you define clear criteria you are creating clear boundaries between what you like to have in your life and what you dont like to have. And that is making a huge difference doesnt it?
There are some signals outside that you could notice that let you know you are there and live now a happy life. And maybe when you feel inside that happiness you are able to approach all the contexts in your life with that happiness. You feel your life is filled with meaning and you are making good choices and decisions on a daily basis. With that happiness you are reaching easily and effortlessly your goals and you begin to feel the love of people around you. You like to give and share this happiness with people around you and you are wondering how much more is possible in life with that happiness. Now you are seeing that all the criteria has been fullfilled you are moving each day through life like this. You are looking back and you are happy that you were doing the actions that took you closer and closer to be a fully present happy person. Take really the time to consider and feel that great emotion expanding inside of you. Now you are here where you know how it looks like to be happy person. When you feel happy you are exactly like this. You could easily look as well for other values and running your mind through the same process again and again.

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