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What can you already do now?

Coach Matthias B. by Matthias B.
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Many times people like you or he, they never consider first what they really want to achieve it. A goal is something that you can create with your senses and you can see it, feel it and you know what people around you could tell you. Or even better how would you talk in life. Its obvious when you are earning 1000 Euros more in a month you will talk differently and you will also feel much more confident and proud of yourself. Or look a moment and imagine how would you look like with a sixpack and a pretty slim face thats different. And you are getting better reactions and feedback, people looking at you with eyes of curiosity and ask themselves what kind of person you are. So keep in mind to focus your awareness on the outcome, really imagine and visualize in your head what you would like to achieve and compare it to what you are having now.
That is really important to look where are you now compared to the desired state. If you want to learn to feel all the feelings in the world, then you have to do a research what kind of feelings are exiting and present in the world. And you begin to remeber when did you experience this feelings. And maybe you know a person next to you who experienced this feelings already. So there is always a starting point and this point variates from person to person. Some people are bringing more ressources into the now and some less. For example there is a difference between a person who is doing since some years sport and the other person that never was going for a run and doing sport. The one person has already much more experiences and knowledge about the processes and knows themselves in the appropriate context. So look at yourself and also know that some goals take some time more to succeed because you are starting from point zero.
Mostly what you are doing every day or with consitentcy creates sooner or later the necessary ressources and the skillset you need to have to fullfill your goal. If you would like to be a great and succesfull coach, you need to know what are you bringing into the coaching, you need to know your audience, you need to have conversational and coaching skills and you need to gain more experience. And all of that is really good to realize because you love and want to do it, so there is no resistence inside of you which means that you can imagine what has to happen to come to the point where you are having inside your pocket everything it takes to grow like this. Its beatiful to see when you are building a life around you that is pushing you further and further into the direction you want to go. When you are home, you are seeing all the books related to your dream and you are having friends who are following the same path and you are writing articles about your passion and you are spending the evenings researching about your goal. You are creating a world and life around your dream.
And now its time to reflect and look again at your actions. Are you getting closer towards your goal?What are you doing now that is helpful to succeeed?Your actions over a long period of time will make a huge diffrence. When you are learning a new skill its great to see what you can achieve after 1 year doing the right actions. And it is great to look at the difference after 1 year. And when you look back one day where you started and how far you already reached now. And look at people who are only investing a little bit how much you slowly working them out and there is existing already a gap and everybody can see and feel it. You are working every day a little bit , a little bit more. And you realize how quickly time passes when you are having this focus like a lazer beam. And this focus brings you again and again over upcoming obstacles and hurdles. And you are feeling engaged and powerful and you want more of this. You are realizing that every action makes sense that the training and the investment pays now off. And you are talking different know becaue you are knowing more. You are seeing all that results and what kind of person you are becoming now after doing all of this.
The person you are now is not anymore the person you was some time ago. You are creating a new identity , a new lifesttyle and a new set of experiences so the world around you is also changing. You are feeling a strong value inside, an increase in your self-esteem and you are looking into the mirror and seeing a very confident person walking through life every day. You are maintainig your goal because you are having in mind what you want and you are feeling it inside.

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