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Focus on the learnings

Coach Matthias B. by Matthias B.
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Focus on the learnings

When you are starting to decide to persue a goal its a great feeling because you notice that you begin to change your life. And during the planning and organisation you will make alot of different experiences here and there, some smaller and some bigger and gain alot of material to reflect on. And this process is guiding you the next years and you notice that you are making progress and you develop like a great personality every day a little bit more. Its like going to the gym. You are looking and learning where in your town are all around the gyms. And after some time you are knowing how to use the machines and you feel great to take a shower with other people while you learn how to move more confident. And while all of this is happening you can talk about these new experiences with your friends and like this you create a new landscape for your mind. Its like experiencing a context and realize what are the possibilities here and what could be some obstacles. Everybody knows how it can feel to foget the locker at home or the towel and so your training is changing a little bit. And after some time you are learning what you have to bring to the gym and what kind of rules are existing here. And like this you are growing as a personality because the learning is hapening in many situations while you are walking towards your goal and destination.
Especially when you are working on a goal over a longer period of time you will notice many different learnings. While going to the gym you will get sooner or later more insights about how to eat better and what kind of food is better for weight loss, you are knowing about the protein and you are knowing much more about how important some calories are to not loose some muscles. And over time you notice that drinking as well is totally important for your well being. You need to drink some water during the day to feel fresh and energized. And you are learning as well that you can get injured some days when you are not focussing to do the exercises right or when you miss to warm yourself up. Its alot of more knowledge compared to the beginning and it is really beatiful to realize how your goal is pushing you more and more towards your personal boundary. And you look again behind this boundary and you learn alot more.
And so you can look at your whole life and all your progresses and contexts. Learning is happening everywhere and its great to know that you will be again gaining so many new experiences. Can you remember how it was for you when you didnt know how to take a flight and flying to another country?Or can you remember how it was when your parents gave you some money to buy something in school?its interesting how over the years our maps and possibilities totally expanding and increasing and its a slow process to learn more and change the behaviour like this. We sometimes dont even know when it started and when the development ended, although you are starting to change your behaviour and find for yourself ways to express new learnings. Its like starting a new job, getting the first salary, learn to ride a bycicle, having the first credit card, sleeping the first night in your own appartment. Its totally nice to develop like this and it is great to know that it will be happening much more. In 1 year the whole situation can changed again because of all your learnings and reflections and you are starting again to imprint this learnings.
And when you are looking back on some failures in your life where you dont feel good about. It doesnt matter how much pain you are feeling because of that. At the end you feel better when you start to focus your awareness on the learnings. Ask yourself what have i learned from this experience?How could this experience help me to get much easier over the next obstacle?How could you benefit from this situation?When you do that you will experience immediately a release and relief because you notice that there exisiting not anymore any experiences that arent helping you. You can feel more grateful and you can be more curios to look at old situations and maybe now you see again how this experience impacted your life. And how this situation was the foundation and cause to decide to change your life. You are like a learning machine and when you bring the torchlight onto some spots and places where you wasnt been before you can tranform your life much more. When you focus on the learning you are gaining more courage and more confidence to trust yourself and just look at things with a new and another perspective. Like this you can create with all your learnings in your life a much better vision inside and externally.

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