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What life would you like to create?

Coach Matthias B. by Matthias B.
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What life would you like to create ?

Lets think about a little bit and notice that we are having to live between 80 and 90 years in average and maybe a little bit more. Its this picture that will be a part of us sooner or later. We are lying in bed at we think about our lifes, how we lived, what we achieved and what could we be doing different. And sometimes it could only take some courage and confidence to really find out what is really important for me and focus all the energy and the time into achieving that. What kind of work would you like to make every day?Where would you like to live?What would you like to do as your hobbys?Who should be your friends?When are you starting to work on your goals?Many dreams are unlived because people never daydreamed about the possibility or even dont dare themselves to consider and to remember what their dreams are. And i mean not the dreams programmed by social media and the television. What is your dream, about what are you passionate, what are you loving doing every day again and again. You are having a long life with so many days and so many hours.
And look and get a feeling inside how strong doing what you are now doing effects your life and your balance. It could be positiv feelings or negativ feelings. The effects of how you are living every day is expressed in different actions and behaviours and feedback during the day. If you are deciding to do not so much sport you will look weaker and propably you are having more weight. If you are not talking to girls, you are having less dates and you are having mostly not a girlfriend. If you are not learning a new language, you can not speak fluently a foreign language. So its about you and your choice. You decide where is your focus and what you want to achieve.
And i know you would like to live your dreams. And you could easily ask yourself how would you know that you are living your life like a rockstar, who is able to overcome challenges and is very flexible in his behaviour. And i know you are much more than what you are now. You can learn much more, practice much more and train much more to become the person you really want to be in your life. I know you are like the next super hero who is holding the frame and express himself like a bright light. And you know for yourself what you must be doing to get there. You know what it really takes to change and so sit down, take a breath in and continue to work on your dreams every day.
And people who are saying you can not do this. Dont listen to them and take your own voice and words more serious. Believe in yourself and shut down the voice of other people. When you look at successful people , they are all having this strong belief in their own abilities and they spend alot of time crafting their skills and getting better. If their are people along the way who would like to provocate you and challenge you and provoce you, just be relaxed, take it easy and focus your awareness on your process and progress. You dont need to be the best over night and it is not necessary to win every time , you only be aware that you are moving into the direction you would like to go. And look at every challenge as a learning opportunity and ask yourself what could you learn from this opportunity and grow like this which means you are enoying the obstacles much more. A person can you know totally going to the point where he is automatically without much thinking achieving great results and just being in the flow.
And when you are liking something and you enjoy doing it, it is a different mindset. You are not feeling a need to do it or you must doing it. You like it and it gives you the possibility to work on your identity. You could also be doing something else, its only very important to you what you are doing and so it is a great choice for you. As soon as you are loving something you are consciously putting in the work whilst unconsciously you are learning so much every day. When you are making the best out of yourself every day, you will feel like a god who is able to follow the way and overcome any challenge. And it is possbile that you could loose some days the motivation and still the day after you continue to enjoy the process and you begin again following whats important to you. At there will be coming this one day in your life where everything will be paid back. And you realize youve made it and you are feeling like a winner and you are enjoying to achieved something that was so important to you and now its time to clebrate this for the rest of your life and you can tell relatives and friends alot abot this.

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