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What do the back of your eye and your mind have in common?

Coach Richard Harkness by Richard Harkness
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Have you ever heard of a physiological scotoma?

We all have one in the back of our eyes where our optic disc is. This is because there are no light detecting cells there.

It’s a ‘blind spot’ in our vision and yet we usually have no awareness of it at all because of clever processing in brain guesses what might be in that area based on the surrounding image and information from the other eye.

But it’s not just your eyes that have a blind spot.

YOU do too!

I have one, you have one, we all have one.

We might even have more than one!

Something that we cannot or will not allow ourselves to see about us.

Just as the eye adopts to hide our blind spot so does our view of the world to protect us from something we don’t want to see or accept.

You are blind to it and no matter what you do you won’t be able to uncover it by yourself.

As part of my work I help people to discover their blind spot(s) and be able to process what they contain and integrate it into who they are.

Because once your whole self is fully revealed to you and accepted then we can really start to fulfil our true potential.

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