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A small Challenge

Coach Matthias B. by Matthias B.
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A small Challenge

It is only a matter of Perspective how strong you are speaking about a Challenge. Look at your whole Life Time and see how many different Challenges you are still to this Day were overcoming. You were going to School, to University,you were living in Relationships amd you could easily find diffrent Ways to deal with that Challenges. Whenever you are facing a Challenge in your Life is mostly because you are talking to yourself that this is now a Huge Challenge or you are only associating with the Feeling of Doubt and Concern. At least you are not starting to do something to break throught that Challenge and face it with all you Abilities and Skills you are already having now. Lets face it
-Every Challenge is possible to overcome. You were already bypassing this or that Challenge and maybe you realized at the Beginning it seemed all totally impossible, but now after some Training and gaining some new Experiences this Challenge became actually very small, like a tiny little piece of Cookie on the Plate. And you dont even know how you were overcoming this Challenge. Now you only know it is not a Challenge anymore. It was a Challenge. And now you are feeling a Huge Relief and a Strong Connexion with your Power and your Ressources. You are feeling more confident after breaking through that Barrier.
-You can see a long Lifetime with overcoming different Types of Challenges in diffrent Contextes. And when you look back and get Awareness how many you were facing so this one Now is compared to all the others pretty easy to deal with and soon this Challenge now will also only one new Challenge you were confidently and comfortably overcoming. The more you believe you can do it again after realizing how much you already achieved succesfully before , the more every new Challenge will be feeling more easy to deal with.
-Look how much you learned from all this difficult Situations. Look how much you were growing as a Person and how much you are feeling more confident now about all this Learnings and Growings. And now you are feeling even more Motivatin to overcome also this Challenge now. You are becoming a stronger and greater Personality after so many Tranformations and Growth is only waiting around the next Corner. You can see that it is mostly about being and acting persistent and not stopping until you created a Pathway through this Obstacle. Just imagine how would it feel like solved this Issue in your Life. How would you be as a Person with not havingt this Difficulty anymore?
-Just put that Challenge aside for a Moment and only consider how your Life will be changing when this Challenge is not a Problem anymore. How will you be feeling and what will you be doing. Only look what great Potential and Strength and Confidence you are already having inside of you. And with that Knowledge and Awareness build up the Comfort and the Trust to start into a new Direction. Look how your Picture about the Problem immediately and instantly is changing when you focus your Energy and your Heart on all this wonderful Ressources now. Where your Focus goes your Energy flows. And when you are feeling this Confidence look how much smaller this Challenge seems and is appearing so far away now. Here where you are now, you are having all you need to succeed in your Life every Day and anytime.
-Go back in a Moment where you are facing a Challenge and look what you are doing to move and make this Challenge just disappearing. Look how you have alot of Control over your Behaviour and through that you can notice how you create a Huge Space between you and this Challenge. The more you grow the more far away this Challenge is now. Look what you are doing and how you are feeling to look with Ease and Relaxation into the Eyes of this Challenge. And sooner or later you will have been learned again so much more about yourself and you are able to tell People like him or her how to overcome this Challene much easier and smoother. You are telling People how exactly you are doing it and inspire People to face Challenges like you were doing before so many Times until now and look how far you were coming with all this new Expertise and Experience in your Pocket ready for the next Small Challenge.

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