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-It is very easy actually to gain more Confidence immediately. You only have to know where you are looking for it inside your Mind. Every Person had Moments and Experiences of Success and Acomplishment. Situations where you are feeling great and happy about yourself, you are just doing and you are totally in the Flow. You are seeing the Result you want and like to have. Its a great Experience and a great Process you are running through in that Moment. Sadly we are many Times are not remembering this Moments anymore. Iwould like to help you out a little bit to teach you a Technique with you can immediately going back into that Situations.
-Just remeber a Time or a Moment where you are feeling totally and absolutely confident. It could be happened last Week, last Year or many Years ago. Only allow yourself to remembering that Moment and linger there for a While. Look what you are noticing in that Moment and where you are. Are you alone or with others? Are you inside or outside?It is Daytime or Nighttime?Its important that you create in your Mind these Scene back with as many Details as possible.
-Focos your Awareness on your Feelings during that Moment and go inside your Body and looking for that Feeling until you really can feel it. And realize how great and powerful you are seeing the outside World with that great Feeling. Many People dont notice how their own Feelings and States heavily and strongly influence their Behaviour and how they perceive the World around them and Reality. As soon as you are getting Conscious Awareness about that you can switch your Feelings and State immediately. Only remeber these powerful Moments in your Life where you are feeling with a Huge Amount of Confidence. And maybe you are able to make that Feeling Bigger and Stronger. Maybe that Feeling has a Color or a Size.
-Remeber in that Moment what you are doing and look and revivify exactly what you are doing. So many Times the Way we are Behaving influences our Output. And mostly we have access to that Strategies when we are going back into that States. Maybe you are knowing that you are feeling totally motivated and you are learning much Better because there is this Feeling that is driving your whole Behaviour. In that Feeling you can read many Hours, Days and even Years. Or when you are more curious about another Person you are asking more Questions and you are just Feeling Curious what kind of Person is in Front of you.
-The State of Confidence is mostly a Feeling attached with a Behaviour of knowing what to do. The more you are knowing what you have to do in a certain Context the more you are able to perform on a very High Level of Confidence. Maybe you learned to speak a Language. The more you are speaking and training to speak and the more good Experiences you are creating the more you can act out this Knowledge and Expertise to other People. Most People develop Confidence through alot of Practice and letting in new Informations. So you are feeling more Confident when you are doing more in a specific Context and the more Experiences you are getting and the more you can predict what you have to do.
-Compare yourself not so much with other People around you, better linger to compare you with your old Self. You are having the Responsibility to do what has to be done to reach the next Level. Always prepare for the Next Step and planning upfront what has to be done to become better and more Confident. Look into some Years from now on and realize that you can do so much now and already to walk more Steps into your Personal Transformation. Focus your Awareness and Mind on to the Situations where you was always feeling confident and see that you can acting and performing very confidently already. Its up to you where you are focusing your Awareness. Search and look out for more Ressources, maybe some of the Skills you are already having are not in your Awareness.
-You are having a Tone of Ressources and Skills already. Look how long you already are living and how many Experiences and Jouneys you were already being through. You were overcoming tough Situations , you were dealing with alot of Challenges and that means that you can jump easily again over the next Hurdle and walking towards your Destination and Dream. Remeber to look out for Moments where you are already feeling a Huge Confidence and try to find this Feeling as much as possible.

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