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Slowly overcome your Shyness

Coach Matthias B. by Matthias B.
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How you can slowly start to overcome your Shyness

Realize what you are doing with yourself in social Situations and Interactions to act Shy. Mostly it is a learned Behaviour, it is like a Pattern you are repeating again and again since many Years. You can change every Behaviour when you realize where the Trigger from that Behaviour is coming from. Maybe you are getting scared by the loud Voice of the Police Officer or you are very anxious when you are seeing a beautiful Woman. Sometimes you are telling yourself also Beliefs like you are a Shy Person and because of that it is better to stay Calm and better say nothing.
Maybe you are not used to act differently and the Image to act open, free and confident is only leading to some Thoughts and Ideas you dont like. Its clear and very deeply programmed inside of us that Change is hard and uncomfortable. Only the Idea of changing your Personality alot is a Huge Challenge for you to think about. Focus your Awareness on small Steps you can be moving towards the Direction you want to go.
Describe in Sensory Specific Words how you want to be as a Person who is not shy anymore. Imagine what you would be seeing in your Environemnt. Create a Vision how you will be feeling and what exactly you will be doing diffrently. Imagination is a powerful Tool that many Sportspeople, Politicians, Actors etc. use to come closer to their Goals. Your Mind knows already how that Change will look like and through that Picture you can install a Future Memory that can help you like a Compass to that Change you want to have.
Become a Person who is not talking about Changes just do the Changes. Behaviour is always stronger than Words. You have to understand and to realize that your Mind can easily create you a comfortabe Place on your Couch and Chair and it is feeling so great to sit here and dream about your Goals. See your Goals not only as Daydreams, act and act again to reduce the Diffrence where you are now and where you want to go.
Stop Procastination by doing alot of Distraction and doing Things that are not related to your Goals. Do the Things that are bringing and leading you closer and closer to your Goals and realize how much more confident you will be feeling as a Person if you are doing alot of small Steps towards your Goals. People who are very confident have learned to work on their Goals consistenly and work through all Obstacles and Limitations until they finally succeed.
Look what is holding you back in your Life to being that confident Person with alot of Motivation and Dedication. Maybe you are following some Old Beliefs about your Self, some old Experiences that you are generalizing around all the other Contextes in your Life. Especially when it comes to Social Communication with other People there existing some interesting Ideas out there, to make the Perfect Conversation and better saying nothing to only not feeling the Rejection.
You can decide to change and you can decide not to change. Both Decisions have Beneftis and Consequnces. Really look what kind of Consequnces you would be feeling and experiencing if you continue like this now and imagine how many Benefits you will have when you put in the Time and use the right Effort to grow and develop as a Person. You dont have to commit your whole Life to your old Identity, you are much more than Now. You are having alot of Ressources already inside you to do magical Things.
Figure out Ways to bypass Obstacles like you are not having enough Time. We all are having a Life Full of Work and sure it is necessary, im sure you can find some Time to make the Changes you want to have in your Life. And realize that it takes maybe some Time to see all the Results you want to see and notice. Its only good to realize that especially social Skills are so valueable because look how much is it worth that you can speak a Langugage and learned to communicate with a Friend or your Parents.

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