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Coach Christos Papaioannou by Christos Papaioannou
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Many people don't consider themselves as leaders, but I tend to disagree. You see, in my definition, everyone can be a leader, no matter what they do in life or what title they have in their work.

If you work with people in any capacity, then you can be a leader. In that case, come and work with me!

I have a passion for and an ability to provoke insight, facilitate communication, and create an environment of trust. This is all in aid of fostering in-depth exploration and learning. Leadership fascinates me and I can have a forensic degree of curiosity about your leadership challenges. I will listen carefully to what you are saying on all levels, looking for significant themes. This will also help you think about yourself and your leadership. And by that I mean both leading yourself and leading others.

Your time and investment are valuable. Managers and leaders need clean, simple solutions and strategies to achieve what they need. These are often rooted in coaching approaches that build empowered individuals and teams. My approach involves creating safe spaces for you to get out of your comfort zone. You will find me accepting, compassionate, and understanding — but be prepared to be challenged as well. Asking difficult questions and embracing awkward moments is sometimes needed, and it helps to get to the root causes of situations.

Experiencing leadership coaching with me involves assessing and addressing your biggest challenges, such as leading teams through change, proactive decision making, problem-solving and risk management; managing difficult relationships; building a culture and teams that are based on trust, connection and belonging, psychological safety, resilience, empathy, accountability, integrity, learning, innovation and creativity.

Work engagement and trust are key conditions for successful teams. A leader is successful when their people trust them and are engaged in the vision and the mission of the organisation. Most individuals will engage with and trust leaders who demonstrate authentic behaviours and bring their whole selves to work, as senior leader Douglas Conant said “your personal story is your leadership story”. If your behaviour demonstrates that you truly care about the organisation and your people, half of your job is done.

We can also work together on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. Organisations and companies are far from immune from systems of power — racism, sexism and privilege are often present. I have seen this myself. I believe that a leader challenges these systems and is not afraid to speak up while becoming aware of their privileges and how they use their power.

As we work on your challenges and what you want to achieve, we might also touch upon your values, the practise of self-compassion and self-care, managing stress, and finding your courage and confidence.

My leadership coaching is practical and action-focused; it normally involves skilling up, insights and hopefully a few “light bulb” moments.

I aim to ensure you become the leader you want to be and that not only are you engaging your people fully, but are also a role model to other leaders.

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