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If you have recently had a breakup or divorce and you are struggling to cope with the pain, you don’t need to suffer in silence.

I can help you do the following.
– See the situation more clearly.
Instead of constantly glamorizing your failed relationship over and over again, why not make a note of all the good things and then another note of all the bad things in that relationship? What made you so happy? List them out on one page or more. Then make another list of all the things that made you unhappy.

Now compare the two lists. If your happy list is longer than the unhappy list, then, maybe you two have made a mistake breaking up. But if your unhappy list is longer than your happy list, then you should embrace your divorce or break-up and count yourself lucky!

-Overcome Your Pain and Emotional Overwhelm.
We will look at what’s making you cry the most. What are the things that make you cry the most?

List them out. Is it the mention of your Ex’s name? If yes, then avoid calling him by the fond name you had for him and address him as “Mr…”. Otherwise – just give him a nickname like “S” or “F” or anything that would not make you tear-up.

-Stop Telling Your Sad Story to Friends or Family Members.
Yes, I know. It can be hard not to look for sympathy for others by telling them many times over how horrible your partner was!

But do you think they really care? Why would they want to listen to your sad stories – especially if you are busy slagging your ex-partner off? Stop. Just stop! Those people you are telling your woeful stories have their own lives and their own pains too…

So, don’t make your yourself a laughing-stock, especially in your work-place. Only very few people care about what you are going through.

To overcome this urge of repeating your sad story, just write down each time you tell your sad story and promise yourself you will cut down the number by next day, even if it’s by just one or two times.

Do this for a week and, by the end of seven days, see how much you have reduced the number of times you told your sad story to any one.

– Practise Overcoming Your Attachment to and Dependence on Your Ex-Partner.
Did you used to depend on your partner for a lot of things? Well, you need to take control of and be responsible for your own happiness now.

Start by listing all the things your partner used to do that you can easily do for yourself.
Take charge of your current situation and gradually live your life as your own boss, not dependent on any one, but yourself.

Hard, I know! But with determination and a little help from a Coach like me, or any other useful person, like a Family Lawyer, a family Member, an honest Buddy, etc, you can achieve your “independence” and start the process of rebuilding your life for the better.

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