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If you want to feel more confident with other Humans you have to focus your Awareness to Grow and enhance with your Skills in Communication. You need to read Books, looking for Experts and practice no Matter what you are doing to feel more confident with People. The more Social Experience you gather the more you will increase your Social Confidence. And remember with all your Learnings before, you noticed it takes Time, Effort and Reflection to become very good in a Skill like that. And Communication is a large Area to look at, Just Small Talk and only Stories of your Life, The Art of Story Telling, Dealing sucessfully and confidently with Approaching Anxiety. You Build now Strong Foundations that will support and guide you to Move closer and closer to your Goal. You are Bigger than your Problem and you are feeling immediately Better and different when you overlook the small Steps you can do. Just say Yes to yourself and approach one Person every Day and even if its only saying Hello.This will already means that you are improving and you are teaching yourself to Build a Strong Sense to do it again and again. You will like more and more to feel happy and encouraged with yourself and over Time you will realise alot of Changes, your Mind will run with much greater Speed and you will not thinking so much and long anymore and just speak out loudly and surely what you will Achieve. Seeing all the Small Results and Build a Firm and solid Bridge where you want to go. And Begin and continue to speak with People who already doing this Journey to become open, communicativ, passionate about a Conversation and what greatly can follow afterwards. You are feeling the Responsibility and you are seeing each Day so many Possibilities, Chances and Options to succeed and just tell yourself your great Success Storys while you are Speaking to a Person. You will smell immediately your great Results and you will begin to feel a strong and huge Pride of Accomplishment. Day by Day , Year after Year you can see and look back how far you are moving. And you are tasting this great Fruits of your personal Life every Day. Its like eating a Banana or a great and delicious Pizza. You will be audible for People around you when you are talking what you are Feeling. And you will see brighten and colorful Movies all around you. The Progress is happening Now and after the First Steps you will Feel relaxed and easy with all the great Stories and Situations you can Experience. You will love and enjoy how much you are becoming a different Personality, just over Time and you will move Beyond what you are Seeing in front of You. Every Day you will be Feeling more motivated to achieve new Levels and other Options for yourself. Its like watching into a deep Ocean and realising you are now already accelerate the Speed. You like to create yourself in a New Light and People will say great Opinions about you. Feeling the Power and the Strength inside you, you are creating your Reality and your inner World with the Meaning you are giving to Experiences and the More you can look what great and amazing new Situations you will create the more Peace and Happyness you will Feel inside. The View will be totally and completely attractiv and every Step will be one Step closer to who you want to be. I know you are wondering what else you can Achieve like this in every Way. Anytime you Focus on the Positiv you can be more happy, feeling Power and seeing Results here. You can talk the Walk and you can speak naturally, easily, comfortably with all the People in many Situations and you can See how much your Social Muscle is growing to the Point where you Begin to Feel like a King with a golden Crown. You like to see the great Future of yourself and you will continue to grow alot in many Areas of your Life. Here and Now you can and might Stand up and use your Advanced Energy to grow like a Huge Tree and Spread with all the Roots and maybe you loose some Leafs and still you can look easily ahead and above into New Directions in your Life. Its Time to talk and feel the Confidence inside you to Jump over Each Obstacle and push away small Limitations because you are being a Strong Person with alot of Charisma and Love and Happyness. Its here just in Front of you this Change that you are looking totally into the Eyes. Its so close that you can almost hug the Change and send a Kiss to tell the Change that it will be easy for you just to Do it Now and acting all Energys Out to the Point where you notice all this wonderful Differences in your Environment. Its Time to look ahead and immediately you are seeing Results and Effects you never was seeing before.

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