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Case Study - Jane, Entrepreneur

Coach Viktor Sághy by Viktor Sághy
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We have worked with Jane for one year. Right, when we met I saw that Jane is incredibly purpose-driven, a rebel, a lioness in her heart.

Jane came to me because she wanted to live a life aligned with her purpose, which was to eradicate domestic violence by teaching people self-care.

Very early we found that there were some deeply rooted traumas in Jane's childhood. Deep stuff. Heavy stuff. Things that she was carrying around. And these things showed up in every area of her life. But also it was where her purpose and fierceness came from. She wanted to fight so others won't get to experience what she had to.

We've spent the first 6 months with deep work processing the things that have happened with her. Jane was courageous and took a lesson as well as an action step from every session. During this time Jane started to set healthy, empowering boundaries, she left an abusive relationship, and started to feel really good and grounded about herself. She turned her life around.

In the next 6 months, we reevaluated our goals. Jane felt confident about where she is in her personal life, and she decided she wants to grow in the business world. At this time Jane owned a massage therapy business, but she was a solopreneur. During this time Jane hired her first two employees, raised her fees and improved her relationships with customers. We both felt the first block of our work gave us a solid foundation on which we could build a strategic business development on top.

Since then Jane became a self-care coach, found a healthy relationship and fulfilled one of her biggest dreams is to be blessed with a child.

This is what she said:
"Viktor's unique gift is that; He can see what's just beyond what I can see. He then can present that in a way that's both safe, challenging, and empowering. With him, I feel I don't need but I want coaching. This makes him different from most coaches. I appreciate that he tailors his coaching style for me, not for him. He pays attention to what works for me and acts on those."

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