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Break the Loop

Coach Matthias B. by Matthias B.
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You are feeling totally and completely lost in your Mind. Its like the same thoughts are circling around and you dont know Yet how you are able to break it now. Look its so often a simple matter of doing Activity. Your mind will always tell you that you are not feeling so good right now that you are not having the great Appearance that you are not feeling like a Super Hero yet. Our Mind is totally lost in the Process of Negativity and you are not Seeing and not feeling the Options now. You are not able to believe more and more in yourself. Your Goals you only see so far away in the Distance instead of seeing them directly and colorful in Front of you. Maybe you realising that you are having Dreams ,Goals, Aspirations its just that you and your Mind is constantly Looping and Looking for Reasons not to do it. When you begin to take the right Action and moving some steps into the Unknown you will feeling better and better. Over years before you are saying No to All your Wishes all your Needs all your Processes and your unconscious Mind is Telling you now totally clear to do something new and change actively your Life and Path. Maybe you experienced Situations where you are still feeling sad or Anger or some Sort of negativ Feelings and i want to tell you that the Past is the Past and you are now here with all your Talents all your Hopes all your Actions. You are responsible now here to take Control of your Life and really consider what you would like to achieve. What you want to work through and what Skills and Resources you need to accomplish to give your Life a better and New Direction. You maybe not realising how many Obstacles in your Life you were already successfully facing so Look and notice all the great Learnings taken place so far. I believe every human and Person can achieve whatever they want to achieve if they are Putting in the Time and the Effort. And realise that so many People are feeling like you and you are not alone. And maybe you are seeing some Idols and you will find out that they are also put in the Time and Effort to succeed. Sooner or later you only have to see that the only great comparisson is to compare yourself with yourself. Look how great it is that you are already learning and growing and begin to feeling great about all your huge and Big successes you are achieving every Day. Just feel free to celebrate all your Steps now that will bring you closer and closer to your desired outcome. Once you can clearly see your outcome you will feel already Different. Maybe you see how great you are and what you are doing to become the Person you want to be. Its an amazing Feeling to live towards your Passions. Really consider for yourself Who you would like to be as a person and maybe you Begin to do it now. Not later not when you are not seeing the Perfekt Day to realize there is no perfekt Day coming until you are creating your Ideal Day for yourself anytime.

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