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Coach Phoebus Apostolidis by Phoebus Apostolidis
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The mind is designed to do what the mind is designed to do.

In our day to day life we use our thoughts and emotions in different ways. The way that we experience the world shapes our thoughts and emotions and vice versa.

If you are finding that your mind is constantly agitated, then there is definitely the need to press pause. Why?

From a place of peace and stillness you will find connection. Primarily with yourself but also with the world around you.

From that space you can live a life of more intention. From that place we take a step back. We become more aware of the full picture. We stop seeing the tree and we have a look at the forest.

In my life, the biggest changes came from that space of stillness. They came from the place of creating space for me to be. Beyond the turmoil of the thoughts and emotions.

You will gain clarity and you will be able to see yourself and the world for what it is. Not for what you make of it.

If you find that your mind is agitated, stop fighting with it. Embrace it, accept it, love yourself through it. Otherwise, you are just digging a deeper ditch for yourself.

Take a deep breath now and as you exhale, create a sigh and allow your shoulders to drop. Repeat 2 more times and say something positive to yourself.


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