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The Three Amigos

Coach Tom Godfrey by Tom Godfrey
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The only three truly ever present constants we will ever experience in our lives. Wouldn’t it be a nice idea to get totally comfortable, at ease, and at home with them. After all they have been with you for every moment, at every turn, they’re with you right now, and they’ll be with you forever.

YOU, HERE, NOW. There is nothing else. When you wake up in the morning, for that brief moment before “your story” has its chance to kick in, to reboot and continue from where it got to yesterday, there is just

YOU: It’s the same you it’s always been. Take away the name, the age, the location, the time, the story. And its just you. The same you that observed every birthday of your life. The story changes, the characters change, and grow, but YOU the ever present observer, remains the same.

HERE: have you ever been anywhere else? You’ve spent your entire wonderful existence right here, here is the only place you can ever experience, no matter where you are, you are right here. So why not get comfortable with here, why not make here your favourite place in the world? Embrace it, become one with it, master it. Then, wherever you go, you are still just right here.

NOW: It has all happened now. No one has ever or will ever be able to experience anything outside of now. The mind brings up stories of the “past” yet we only experience them now. We dream of a beautiful future, we feel it right now. And when we hold that dream in our minds eye for long enough, it arrives in the now. After all, it never existed anywhere else.

We all fall into the trap of letting our attention stray from these three ever presents, yet ultimately these three amigos are all we have, and all we need. Become at home, at one, with the three amigos and it turns out, the world comes to you, right here, right now.

Same as always.

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