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What if you could transform your life...

Coach Tom Godfrey by Tom Godfrey
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What if you could transform your life, from one simple choice?

Could one moment really change your life? It did for me, and I believe it could for you too.

I'm Tom Godfrey, a Transformational Coach in training with Animas London. I truly believe we all hold the potential within us, to live exactly the life we choose.

It has become my desire through TG coaching, to remind as many people as possible of their own unique potential.

Not too long ago, I was unfit, unhealthy, unmotivated, unfulfilled, wondering exactly where I was going in my life.

I'd somehow got into the HABIT of blaming the world for how my life was going, and I'd become really good at it. Like any HABIT, I just kept on doing it, so of course it became easier and easier to blame the world. Meanwhile I became more and more unmotivated, unfulfilled, frustrated.

Mind, body, and soul were calling out for change. Something had to change.

EVERYTHING changed for me, the moment I finally made one simple choice.

I chose to make the commitment to myself, that from then on I would take full accountability for anything within my control, and to let go of everything else.

In that moment, everything changed. In reality, the world remained the same, but everything changed, because my mindset changed. The world changed, because I changed.

I quickly began to realise that events, situations, people, no longer held the power to define how I was feeling, unless I allowed them to. This was like discovering a superpower, which had always been there. Just waiting to be activated.

This superpower is right there inside of you right now, its in all of us.

And if you really can choose how you feel, how you think, how you act. Then you have found the absolute freedom to choose how you experience your life. You really do get to choose!

It all starts with one simple choice. Contact me now for a free introductory call. I'd love to hear from you.

Tom Godfrey

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