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If I was not meant to have what my heart desires why do I want it so badly?

Coach Alex Planidin by Alex Planidin
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A client recently brought up this question after a session, followed by "if I wasn't meant to have it then why is the not having it making me so unsettled?"

This was my response:

I think you ARE meant to have your heart's desire. I hope I didn't say anything different, but if I did, that's not what I was trying to say.

The phrase "Follow your Bliss" has resonated more deeply with me recently. And something that's occurred to me that I find helpful is this:
My Bliss, when I truly find it - that which fills my heart and which is effortless and which I could do all day for no pay - this is God's/the Universe's/Source Energy's Bliss too!
That's why I've been given it. It’s from here that I can make my unique contribution. So following my Bliss is being in Divine Service. And this inner wish is so strong because it's aligned with what I was put here for.

My personal inhibitions and stories and insecurities can only get in the way of this, so the more I can “taste” the difference between what’s personal and what’s selfless, the more I can get out of my own way and just be in service.

For me this is the deeper calling you speak of, allowing the genuine love, closeness and even unity I feel with others to expand and then be expressed as fully and purely as possible.

Giving myself permission to look openly at what this desire is, and to accept whatever comes up without judgement, but just curiosity and even playfulness, has released a huge burden for me. Because I don’t have to figure it out in the ordinary sense, I just have to listen, trust and feel for what’s true for me, and I’ll be effortlessly guided.

And the vast power this releases changes “what should I do?” or “how do I work this out?” into “it’s an honour to have this short life in which to be a conduit for this love. How can I best help?”

I think that’s what the desire I feel is beckoning me towards. I forget, I doubt and deny it, but it keeps coming back to remind me. Thank goodness! And nothing else feels like this Bliss of being for something, living on purpose :)

This is just my experience and an attempt at putting this into words. Please discard completely if not helpful to you :)

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