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Do You Feel Like An Imposter

Coach Alison Wilson by Alison Wilson
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If you do, you aren't alone, this comes up time and time again with my clients. Whenever I spot a theme like this, I love to do some extra research.

Always the lover of an online quiz, I started by googling ‘do I have imposter syndrome?’

It turns out that I’ve developed pretty good self-belief in my abilities over recent years.

What I did discover, however, was that I still often see my successes as luck or some kind of fluke of nature and that I tend to downplay achievements.

This exercise has also shown me that it’s easier to spot imposter syndrome in others but harder to recognise in yourself when emotions are involved and your thoughts seem very factual.

If this is resonating, did you know that you are in excellent company?!

Famous people with imposter syndrome include Michelle Obama, Maya Angelou, David Bowie, Olivia Colman and Tom Hanks.

You CAN overcome this. Yes, it will take time, practice and persistence.

No, you won’t change years of conditioning overnight, but practice the following tips on a regular basis and then come back and tell me the difference.

*Reframe ‘having to win’ to ‘ I will do my best/give it my best shot’
*Learn about and practice self-compassion
*Make notes. Writing things down allows you to reflect and is a great motivator. I do this in my journal and it’s great to look back to see how much I’ve learned and how far I’ve come. Writing things down can help you to commit and gain a new perspective
*Externalise the imposter voice. Perhaps turn it into a creature or a cartoon character that you can make fun of. You could also shrink it down really small. Try anything that works, that voice doesn’t have to be a bully
*Remember that your thoughts aren’t facts. Just because that voice in your head is telling you that something is true, it doesn’t mean it is. Ask yourself what’s the evidence? Do you have any experiences that show a different view?

Finally, if you could use some more help with this then give me a shout and let’s chat about how I can help you. :-)

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