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Coach Matthias Bernauer by Matthias Bernauer
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Only Begin to feel that you can already live what you are having inside your Mind. A Thought is just a long Process of who you will become as a Person. Create your own positiv Train of Thoughts where you are easily and confidently see how much you already can be. Maybe you allow yourself to enhance your inner Landscape to a Point where you will win. Because this Place gives you Safety. Its like an Anchor that is given your Ship a totally relaxed Place to stay for a while. And also you can Walk on the Street towards your Vision anytime but now because every Good Movie is always starting with a First Scene and an important first Word. Feel what you are Feeling and how you can walk closer to your Output. Reflect a while on the positiv Consequnces that you will achieve and get when you are living your own Vision. When you are being a Person with Courage and Heart. Its like a very well trained Pilot he excatly knowing how to fly the Airplane in the Autopilot Mode. Take a Look and notice how much more automatically you are becoming as a Person while living not only your Dream its much more. Its like Seeing yourself transforming to somethign Bigger, Happier and nicer. Something that you not yet can imagine its now a Feeling. The more you are breathing inside each Day this live the more you will Follow your own Intuition. Its like using your own inner Compass and you are using in your Hands always the Best Map. You are speaking with alot of Certainty and all your Words are making Sense because they are sharp like a Shark. And when you are looking into the Eyes of these People you are influencing them on a Deeper Level its like you are Holding a Seminar on Stage and you are This Magician who is already knowing before how much Applaus the Crowd will have free for you as a Person. Some Days will be differnet than others and sometimes you dont know what is the best next Step. Focus your Awareness how to build up that next Step and Level and maybe you can listen to other Experiences. You can talk with other People about their Visons and Dreams and Aspirations. At the End of your Life you have to feel great about what you were Doing. Always have in Mind that Time is your Friend because you have alot of Choices to live differnet Lives during all this Time. And only working towards your Personal Growth will make a Differnece that you never experienced before. Just enjoy the Experience and realising Deep Inside how great it feels when you are Being and going your Way. Its like a Genie who is fullfilling other Dreams because these People are open for it. Sometimes there is more to see when only the surface Level allow you to see. Dig deeper and Find really out what is missing inside the Utterance to make sense out of it. Its like a Lamp that brings Light Back to your Journey and Path. Notice all the beautiful Changes in your Environment and just allow yourself to drink a little Bit of the healthy Water and the healthy Food. When you are eating like this its a matter of Time until you are Flying around like a Beautiful and amazing Butterfly. Life is treating you with alot of Respect when following the Natural Rules of Logic. Make it easy for People to be around you and start your Journey of your own Leadership until the Vision is so Crystal Clear in Front of you that you are Seeing each Day what you have to do and slowly and gradually you are climbing the Hill or the Leather to something very exiting. When you feel great about all the Learnings every Day you are knowing that its time to feel a differnet Place. Whenever you are Seeing a Round of Boxing you maybe Feel the Fighter in you as well. Its like being a Song in a Movie that you can relate to and not getting bothered by the People who are Responding a little bit different because of their Limitations. The more you can Feel the more you can Grow to your own Hero. Maybe you can not see it yet although the Muscles are Becoming Bigger and more useful in your Daily Routine. If you are just Doing the Action a little bit its like a ship overcoming all that Waves in front of his Passionate Feeling. Listen to the positiv Vipes of Life and realise how strong you already are before reaching the Final Destination. And when you are finally there you can also step into more open Doors and feeling the Bright and powerful Light of this Life. Its like a feeling of Warth and Health and Passion and Spirituality. Just feel it in the Moment and talk with your Vision every Day and look this Vision into the Eyes like to a Special Friend. Soon is the Time for you to overcome any Limitation and shine through the Night like a Star at the Sky.

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