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When you are seeing yourself making the next great Decision you maybe allow yourself to think through it on a Daily Basis like you are the high End Computer who is drawing his wonderful Outcomes into the World. Painting is like a fascinating Adventure where you Begin to Fill a Black Paper with all diffrent Colors and at the End you are getting a Result – just like Freedom. Only here you can look before what is Missing in your Personal Freedom. Maybe it is a Feeling that you want to conquer like a Warrior you is training his Skills in an Arena without seeing any People because he is so Focused and Energized to use his Talents in a very good and skillfull Way. You can maybe just Sit down on a Chair or on a relaxed Bench and think about what is really important now in your Life and seeing the Mission clearly in Front of you. Slowly create your Freedom inside the Behaviour and talk to yourself loud mostly with a Mikrophone that everybody can see and feel what Freedom really means for you. Its always a perception in a Period of Time and Space and just Follow your inner Intuition to See the Benefits of your own Freedom. And it can be this or it can be that Thought Feeling Behaviour or maybe it looks like a Golden Tree or a Purple colored House. Its in your Mind and you know the Best because you are the Expert of your own Freedom. For another Person it maybe is also somethin totally small like drinking a Great Tea ans feeling excited about all this small and beautiful Things you are Seeing every Day in Front of you. Life gives you alot of wonderful Choices what you want to learn and where you want to Focus your Awareness on inside and outside. Just take a Minute and look at a Picture and see that you decide where you want to linger on. The same it works with Feelings you are free to go in the Direction you want to go. Communication can feel like a Big Freedom because you allow yourself to speak the words you want to use. Every Word with your Voice is so unique and special and it will circle around this Planet like an Airplane on his Flight to a New World. Stay Curios what it means for you to be free and ask yourself and your Environemnt the Right Questions to elicit more Information how you can really be a free Person in the most Ways you can imagine, Maybe you already met a Person in your Past or now or tomorrow who is able to teach you unconsciously how to act like a Free Person. You are receiving the Benefit sooner or later like a great Meal inside a beautiful Experience. You are walking the Path you choose and you can look ahead what Way is very good to Find the Adress of your Dreams. Its not about talking only Freedom out its also looking like Freedom and Begin to express your Community how much you can serve with your Mindset to influence the Color of a Movie. Its like changing the Sound of your Life and writing Down all your Learnings for the Next Warriors to succeed as well. Going into the State of Freedom and offering Value to People like a great King who is speaking to his People about Values and Meanings in this Life. Its a Way of being a public Magician where People are Feeling a Place where they want to Rest the old Days and see it like the Sun goes Down at the Evening. Maybe you can see your inner Child with Curiosity now again and Feed it with what it needs and realise how long a Big Tree needs to grow Big like this in every Way. Look how long it takes to Build a Strong and Big House. And already when you are seeing the Strong Foundation it feels powerful because there is now something to see that didnt exist before. Its like cleaning your Room and Begin to see how much different Garbish is lying around. Step by Step you are making your Room clean and you see how much effectiv and productiv and free you can be if you only allow yourself to take Action. You wont have ever a great Conversation if you dont create a Conversation. No Talk no Conversation or maybe with a differnet Level you will also communicating Sometimes. Its only that you are Feeling how great and free you already be if you allow your Mind to see all the Possibilities that you can Do over Night and Day. Now is the Time to see into the Eyes of Freedom and continue to go your walk only this Time with a little bit more Awareness who you really are as a Person and what Freedom you want to become sooner or Later. Its like Wood and the Fire there is a Moment where the Fire Begins to get Bigger and it looks great to look into Fire. Its not logic its like Nature like a Feeling that will give you more Power and Self Assureness to be more Free when ever before. Its like your Favorite Taste and a great Parfum to smell like this in every Way.

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