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Honest Asking

Coach Alex Planidin by Alex Planidin
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The only thing that’s real for me
Is wanting to love and serve.
To honour this expansive feeling of togetherness,
Sense it in my body
Share it with the trees, the sky, the springtime blossoms
Who all already know, always.

To look into your eyes and see my own soul, Our Soul, inside,
This bottomless depth they reveal.

To sense how you also feel what I feel,
And know what I know.

Being together, this space expands.
If we stay in front of its magnificence,
Its limitless possibility,
It heals,
It forgives.

I am healed,
I am forgiven,

I heal,
I forgive.

A little more with each breath.

I see that each word creates.
And so who am I before the word?
Sometimes this silence just before, or in between,
As we search for the right word,
Opens me wholly.

I listen through these spaces, I search inside for something true,
And in this searching and listening,
Listening with my whole being,
Now, together, we are this Oneness;
And free to Create!

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