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The moment is when you are standing actively out of your Bed and saying to yourself that you will Win this Day and Doing all the important Things that you really want to do. Focus your Awareness on the Picture that you will achieve by Time because its only you who is in Control of his Behaviour. Its like reading each Day a Site of a Book or learning one New Word. Over days and Months you will realise how easy it can feel to motivate yourself on a Daily Basis. You will love and enjoy to persue your Goals every Day. And just think about how differnet you are seeing this World with all the Possibilities and Options to Grow. Its like running a Marathon and you know already before the Start that you will see the Black and White Final Flag. You are never stopping to work on yourself until you integrated a new Habit. Its like eating Healthy and never allowing yourself to do something Else because you are having a Great Mind and Power at the same Time to follow your inner Abilities to succeed. Its like going one Step and another Step and crossing the Edge and finally its second Nature. And when you are looking back in a few years and feeling Proud about your Realisations you can tell People all the important Steps to Follow your Talents and Living Productivity. Its like you are having Birthday every Day you are celebrating yourself for alot of Great Feelings inside that you are sharing with your Community. The More you allow yourself to work like a Machine and Being that Person with a Heart made out of Motivation Passion and Fullfillment you will see a Big Difference in your Workouts Every Day. Maybe you already can detect how much your Communication effects you the Whole Day. Only look and compare two People: One is achieving all his Goals and learning and practising and is motivated and the other Person not. As you see there is a Difference in the Attitude and in the Behaviour of this two People. Focus your Mind and train your Mind to think feel sound and look like a Winner. Its like listening to Queens we are the Champions and watching Big Sport Victorys. You can elicit powerful States for Change and Productivity- every Day you will see alot of Chances and Patterns that needs only a little Twist and the whole Energy is transformed into something more vibrant and powerful. Just continue and Begin and see the Difference in your Environment. See the small Nuances that People are not Doing to not Succeed. When you are Feeling at your Peak State you can continue to Process all that inside. Its like making a Puzzle and looking step by step what is the next missing Peace to integrate all important Lessons. Its like a Waterfall who is running with alot of Power every Day- it will never diminish and never disappear. Its like you are Playing God and you are feeling that Human Nature its more than Logic and more than Thinking. Its only Feeling and seeing the Best View in Front of a Ocean. Its like lying down in a Tent and seeing all the Beatiful Stars and listen to some Sounds of the Nature. Whenever you feel like there is a Limitation just play to be the Waterfall and find out a Solution that Transform every Moment of your Life. Its like listen to a classical Song where you can Push the Button to change the song -its the Image that you are Drawing from you with High Accurency. Its like being a Masterful Communicator who is seeing Beyond all that Frames and Words because its only looking into the Purpose of Happyness and you are feeling that People are sometimes like Dolls only not here. Its a wonderful Place that you can See every Day in Front of your inner Eye and you notice all the Differences that you can make into this Planet. Its like giving the Plant enough Water and Light to grow or feeding the Baby with enough Food until it is feeling Happy. Its easy to know how you look Better at your Strategies of using Productivity in your Favor. Really Study yourself during your Journey and find out what is really Blocking you outside from Being the Person you can feel inside. Really linger on that Feeling a while and maybe you can find out and hear what your inner Voice will tell you more with more Awareness. When you Begin to Build your Own Machine and knowing what this Machine is Needing you will Conquer new Places like a Warrior who is addicted to fight his way through some tough Times. Really feel how much more Productivity you can create when you are becoming who you are to the point where you will Teach other People to communicate on differnet Levels every Day. Its like painting the Sun and a Rainbow on the Blue Sky because you are knwoing how to Do effectively and confidently. Its like going into the Cinema and watching your own Movie with Color Clear Sound and a fantastic Point of View in the First Raw.

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