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A Change is like a wonderful Decision you are feeling when it is the Right Time to do. As soon as you Build up the First Steps into your desired State you will feel a Relieve and you will know that you are coming one little Step closer to your Dream. Always stay focused and see how many Doors you are already opening while going and heading into something unknown and maybe uncomfortable. The more you practice the new Direction, the more you will feel totally and completely at ease with it. Its like a Tree growing into the Blue sky and you are Feeling this Strong and Beautiful Growth inside. Its like slowly Building a House after you see the Good and Solid Foundation each Stone will be more comfortable to put on it. We Humans are beautiful Animals because we have the Capacity to learn while we are walking through Life. Its sometimes like a Thunder who is finding his way through the Darkness. Just continue to look for Possibilities and you will lighten up doors that you never entered before. After you transformed you will realize one Day that you are Seeing the World with different Eyes and nothing is the Same like the Day before. Its like a Daydream and you are acting out everything what you need to live this one Amazing Life that you imagined in your Head Day by Day. Only feeling diiferent this one Time and knowing what to do to find Peace and Harmony. Its like a Ship on the calm Ocean while you are hearing the Waves and maybe listen to your favorite Song you are entering new Worlds and New places, speaking with new People and saying goodbye to old Historys. Its like a Movie with a beatiful Ending where two Peole are hugging each other maybe a Kiss and alot of good Emotions. Its like a Train and you decide at what Station you are leaving because you have the Power inside to really feel the difference. Finding out what you really like to do and Begin to feel your Talents. Its like a wise Coach who is showing you a Path that you didnt see this one Moment before. Its like you are travelling through Time and Space and you are certain that you will End up at the Place where you will seeing yourself. Life is being and being in the Moment and just Breathing all that Beatiful Moments inside because every Minute is like a Gift and you are maybe lying under the Christmas Tree like this Gift and you never realized because nobody told you before. Imagine really what you want out of this Life, what are you really passionate about. Begin to talk and have a meaningful Conversation with yourself and feeling inside how much more you can Change beyond your Limitations. Its like a Thunderstorm who is making the Environment to a different Place and its all this Power and Strength that you already Building. Its like growing Muscles and People Notice that you changed. Its like a Dance between inside and outside. Just feel the Dance and believe in your own Abilities. Its like a Black Canvas and you are writing it full till the End. Its great to be a Memeber of this Life and when you are Seeing all the Plants and Chances in Front of your Eyes you maybe consider what else you can achieve when Dreaming Big and Feeling endless Freedom. When you are ready your Body will follow its like going First and making a Sign into this World. Its like a Tattoo on the Body and you can Do all that Things because you Done it before you only can not see yet. When you are Talking to this People now different they will Feel Great and you now Seeing the Value you are Offering into your Circle of Like. Its like the Lion King who is running over the Scene and bringing alot of Colors into the Black and White. You can Do because you are and who are you really when you are feeling different like this. Just enjoy and continue to follow your Intuitions because Meaning is what you create each Day. Every Time you are seeing a difference its like a Party and you are the Singer you are the Songwriter and you are feeling this Feeling that you can project on to other People while really feeling the Impact and powerful Influence that you now Spreading around that World. Allow yourself to be free like the wind and do not seeing Moments with alot of Pressure like a Test. Its like using a Map to find the Treaure and find out for yourself what is working for you. Its like a great Salesperson who is taking Care of all the Frames and Suggestions because he trained alot. Feel free and just enjoy because you are a Wonderful Human Being. Every Time you breathe in you can allow yourself to feel Greater like this and just allow yourself to feel like another Planet and Begin to Ride a Bike anyway but like this.

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