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Stick to healthy eating at socials...easy right? Or is it?

Coach Helen Gray by Helen Gray
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Eating for your health can be met with the rolling of eyes, aggressive questions and even criticism at socials, even in general. There can be feelings of unease and fears of being judged by others.

What if i was to tell you, you can address the fears that others may have, keep your own boundaries in tact and not compromise your healthy habits?

It is possible!

Bring empathy and compassion into food conversations. Your friends and family maybe experiencing their own fears understanding these fears can comfort them.

Stability...Will you be a different person? Will this change you? Change can be scary for people. How can you communicate that you will still be there, that new healthy habits does not mean you are a different person. do not need alcohol or unhealthy foods to bond! you will still give them the time/ attention they deserve. You can still sit and chat with a soft drink, you can still laugh together over crudities.

Acceptance...even if they do not agree with your healthy habits for what ever reason that is OK. We do not need to agree! You are not going to try and influence them. You are simply following your own path and hope that they too respect your decision making.

Three ways to stay true to yourself whilst helping those around you feel accepted
1. Focus on memories together.
2. Be curious in them.
3. Tell them you appreciate them.

Tell me have you ever found yourself in a 'go along to get along' situation? What did you learn from it?

Contact me for a discovery call if you to need to honour your boundaries.

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