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Ready to Roar?

Coach Wayne Trevor by Wayne Trevor
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How are things going so far for you this year? Maybe a month ago you were talking or thinking about making some changes in your life- getting fitter? Changing jobs? How’s it all been going for you?

It’s ok if things have stalled- ok even if you talked about them and then woah- another month gone already.

What matters is where you go from here. Just as the ticking over of the date from the 31st December to the 1st of Jan can be a time of reflection- so can the start of a new month. So can any point we choose actually.

The first day of February 2022 is also the Lunar New Year, often known as Chinese New Year. This ‘Year of the Tiger’ symbolises bravery, wisdom and strength.

What could you achieve if you were a little braver? A little wiser? If you were a little stronger? Making changes can be hard. It’s easy to get lost- hard to know where to start even.

Here’s an invitation for you: connect with me. Let’s see how I could help you to make those changes.


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