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Moving past self-sabotage

Coach Phoebus Apostolidis by Phoebus Apostolidis
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One of my biggest problems in life has been putting the effort to grow and progress and then find myself back to where I started. In layman's terms I was self sabotaging, upper limiting.

It took me years and lots of failures to figure things out. In the process, I learned to build my character. Discipline and resilience became my middle name.

There is so much you can learn through failing. Learn about ourselves and the world.

But how do we overcome self sabotage?

Well, you have to adjust your thermostat. Change your actions, change your beliefs about yourself and about the things that you are doing.

In a deeper level we need to change our identity. We got to identify with our true values. Live by them with congruence. Learning to align ourselves with the our vision and priorities.

Sometimes we are aware of the beliefs that get in the way. But most commonly we live under their shadow in ignorance. Whether we do or no it doesn't matter much as it is what we do under that shade that counts.

Without the steps to change them we remain stuck. We beat ourselves up. We compare ourselves to others and we deem ourselves as inadequate and unworthy.

These narratives are far from the truth. In our effort to reach perfection we shoot ourselves in the foot and then try to sprint.

Guess what? You will probably fail.

Seeing our own limitations and blind spots is a hard task. It is not impossible but it is hard. We are blinded to our own vices or even if we are aware of them we identify them in a deep level and confuse them with ourselves.

Once we understand that, then we can reach out for help.

Ask for help. Reach out. You will always be thankful to yourself for doing so.


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