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Coach Caroline Jeffrey by Caroline Jeffrey
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It's a total yes to fast cars and bring on the even faster motorbikes, fashion, titles, jobs, social status , and in my case a desire to be an everlasting perfect dress size 10.

That’s the ego looking outside of ourselves for happiness and fulfilment.

Things can appear pretty good externally . . . oh yes that’s something I’ve been really good at !

But whats happening inside? Often anxiety, stress, addictions, depression and total overwhelm.

All that stuff that, yes will create some amazing photo opportunities, however it is often a never ending journey of dissatisfaction and empty searching

When we learn to look inwardly to connect with what honestly makes us happy. We connect with our true self and not what external forces and influences expect.

Try it, write down what really makes you smile, what makes you literally glow and feel totally alive ? Is it something you felt, something you saw or heard ? Was it something you loved as a child, what was that ?

What makes you light up and gives you the wings purpose . . . hold that feeling and then go there . . . . follow that !

When we are living a life that is authentic with our values and purpose, we find the time, we feel enlightened and our spirit shines lifting our friends our family and all those around us.

Set backs and challenges happen. It's just natures way of saying is time to change course.

Don’t give up, don’t give in.

Just ask What is this teaching me?

Learn from the situation and we get to move on.

What’s happening on the inside is what really matters. Let go of limiting beliefs, self doubts and fears and allow yourself to embrace all life amazing possibilities.

Be the power to lead your own life making decisions and taking actions that put you where you want to be in a life you love !

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