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Life offers neither problems nor challenges only opportunities

Coach Sandra Lynch by Sandra Lynch
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To label something a ‘problem’ is to invent a disheartening rule, as from a different lens those same conditions are considered as an opportunity to discover growth, on this remarkable expedition- we call life. It’s all how you select, understand, and apply experiences, deprived of the chance in life to grow, it is said by the wise that there would be no purpose in life.

This is at the heart of why I coach; To create fresh opportunities for stubborn situations so that others can transform complexity into harmony and balance

As an example, there was a colleague who was not skilled, in their current role. At the same time they were a hard, dedicated worker who wanted to do a good job and be recognised for their contribution. I reversed the lens and I focused on the contribution this colleague could make and what problem that would solve for the team and the business. I discovered a gap that perfectly matched their skills, which also had the necessary priority to be filled. The team benefitted from having an in-house expert, the business was reducing a risk and the individual’s benefit was feeling included and making a positive contribution. I transformed a ‘not skilled in their current role employee’ into a happy colleague who now experiences job satisfaction, team inclusion and enhanced brand reputation.

According to my parents, I was born with this alternative way of looking at situations. Growing up with many of life’s obstacles to manoeuvre and limited resources, creativity was an essential skill. Reversing the lens, looking at the same situation from a different perspective - I use this talent to find new ways to make things right. From the consciousness coaching creates, you too can reverse the lens and Discover Growth!

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