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Why do I recommend twelve weeks for one to one coaching?

Coach Helen Gray by Helen Gray
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In working with clients I commonly encourage lifestyle changes and natural remedies in addition to our sessions.

I also know it is very difficult to change your habits, you commit to significant mental energy to become the best version of yourself.

Habits are repetitive behaviour; as such they are cosy and familiar, where we turn when we get uncomfortable or get stuck in a rut.

Changing habits is HARD, especially in the beginning, requiring DETERMINATION and TIME for changes to stick.

There are two requirements for success:

Motivation and determination to initiate change, along with time to consistently practice new habits.

This is not to say that some changes don’t occur sooner or that more time is needed for others, you move at your own pace. But if you commit to a coaching package for three months, you would have made the commitment of time, money and energy for it to work.

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