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But what if I fail?

Coach Phoebus Apostolidis by Phoebus Apostolidis
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Fear of failure is real. It gets in the way of the things that we want to do.

The problem with it is that we often are not even aware that it is keeping us back. We just have this discomfort, this anxiety that builds around the very thing we are craving to do.

Does fear of failure show up in your life? If so, read on.

The other day my wife was telling me a story about this kid from school. She was speaking to one of the parents. That lady was saying that for the kid to go back to a martial arts class the kid would have to pass the class. Because if they didn't it would really hurt their confidence.

It made me think hard. Who has more confidence, the one who has never failed? Or the one who has failed and knows how to come back?

If we never challenge ourselves beyond what we can do, how will we ever grow? The fixed mindset talks about the idea that we are either talented at something and we are good at it. On the other side the growth mindset approaches everything as a skill that we can learn.

If you pay close attention, most things are a skill. A skill that we can learn and develop through practice and time.

Learning to fail and bounce back (resiliency) is one of those skills. If we never move forward towards our dreams and we are kept hostages from our fear, then we lead a life of imprisonment.

A life where our emotions dictate the things that we are allowed and not allowed to do. In that place, our dreams perish and we begin to settle.

What can you do to manifest your dreams then?

Develop your awareness about the things that are holding you back. About the beliefs and fears that block your way to your dream life. Your dream life is possible, you just need to do something to progress towards them.

Fear is not absent from other people, even if it seems that way. We don't need confidence, all we need is courage.

Courage to move forward despite the presence of fear, courage to move through the fear onto the other end. Courage grows as we take courageous acts. It's a skill!

Picture fear as a dark tunnel. Your dream is on the other side of that tunnel, you know it. Otherwise you wouldn't still be thinking of doing what it is that you want.

Walking through fear with a guide (coach) is one of the safest and best ways I have found. You get to go and do the things that scare you but at the same time you know that you are safe. You are supported along the way.

Your dreams can be real for you and fear of failure can be that thing of the past. What do you say?


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