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Coach Ian  Richards-Thomas (He/Him) by Ian Richards-Thomas (He/Him)
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Are You a Debbie Downer?

If you find it hard to feel optimistic or positive about most things including your body, it's just possible that there's been too much negative stuff that's happened in your life.

Being a negative person can act like a shield against past injuries.
Bad memories might want to masquerade as negativity about random things, because that's how those feelings can safely manifest themselves.
It may feel safer to be negative about the present (or future) than to face the truth about a painful past.

Maybe too much bad stuff has happened to you that still needs to be processed.

In that case, please find someone/group to talk to about what's really under your skin. You don't have to be trapped in negativity for the rest of your life.

Bear Body Community and workshop is place that be part of that process for you.

In my life i have been this person. My negative body b image had a direct link on how I perceived the world and things within in.
I learnt that I AM FREE!

Free - Ultra Nate

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