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Intersectionality - A Black Gay History Month

Coach Ian  Richards-Thomas (He/Him) by Ian Richards-Thomas (He/Him)
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The main theme this Black History Month is “proud to be”.

As  a gay man I deal with homophobia. As a  black man I also deal with racism. I often will have to deal with homophobia and racism (often at the same time). It is often the case that I will face racism inside the LGBT community and homophobia in the black community. 

You may have a child or young person who will suffer the same as I or similar intersectionality challenges.  Be Interested, Be Sensitive and Take Action

“Being a person with an intersectional identity is like standing in the middle of the road being hit by cars from many sides.” (Another angry woman)     

Having an intersectional identity often generates a feeling that someone does not completely belong in one group or another, and can lead to isolation, no sense of belonging, depression and other mental health issues.

Black History Month is an opportunity to highlight the work and contributions of Black?LGBTQ+?people, which?are?too often forgotten and erased.? Black people have?always?been at the centre of the LGBTQ+ liberation movement?from Marsha P. Johnson and?Stormé?DeLarverie, who were major figures in the Stonewall uprisings of 1969, to modern day LGBTQ+ leaders like Munroe Bergdorf and Lady Phyll.?

Black lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people, Black History Month has for too long been a time during which we have been left behind, with our histories untouched. The Black community knows too well the argument that we are not all the same, that we are, in fact, a people of many colours, faiths, beliefs, cultures, and yet so rarely do we highlight intersections of our identities when it comes to sexuality and gender identity, nor do we celebrate the lives of, and achievements made by, Black LGBT people

How to be a better ally to Black LGBTQ+ people?

 If you want to get started, make sure you:?

Listen to the voices of a community that has been historically erased Support Black LGBTQ+ communities by recognising the privilege that you have Showcase those communities, be it in the workplace, foster agencies in social spaces or just in your personal lives

To find out more check out: 10 ways to be an ally to Black LGBT people | Stonewall


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