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BEAR BODY - Meditating for body postivity

Coach Ian  Richards-Thomas (He/Him) by Ian Richards-Thomas (He/Him)
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The impact of meditation on body image

The road to having a positive body image, or body positivity, can be difficult, but not impossible. If you have trouble loving your body, incorporating a self-esteem and self-compassion practice into your daily meditation routine might help. In 2014, researchers asked a group of women to include a self-compassion meditation in their routine for a brief 3-week period. During that time, they discovered that participants’ body dissatisfaction decreased significantly, while they cultivated high levels of self-compassion and body appreciation.

When it comes to meditation, a key skill you learn is the ability to pay attention to, and then let go, the numerous thoughts and feelings that you have over your body. Through the lens of mindfulness, thoughts are just thoughts, whether positive or negative. Meditation teaches us to observe the mind and what it tells us about ourselves, however to avoid getting caught up in that narrative. With practice, we learn to observe the thoughts and feelings that arise, see them, and let them go. Gradually, the less we engage with this kind of body image-thinking, the less power such thoughts and feelings have over us.

Part of creating that BODY positive experience for ourselves is practicing intuitive self-care and cultivating self-love.

A body image meditation practice is one way that can help you unlock and create your body positivity.

Try the below guides meditation for next 7 days.

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