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What are the benefits of Coaching?

Coach Helen Gray by Helen Gray
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I have been coached for many years, my family is coached and I too am a coach. Below are examples that show why life coaching has become a mainstream industry.

1. Improved self-confidence
Research conducted by the International Coaching Federation discovered that 80% of clients reported an improvement in self-confidence.

2. A different perspective
We are easily consumed by our own opinions, life experiences, and way of thinking. A life coach can provide an alternative and often helpful perspective on things.

3. Self-awareness
Being aware of your impact on others, recognising and accepting your weaknesses, strengths and unique skillset and personality can be challenging. This is the art of self awareness. It requires a strong capacity for introspection and reflection, something a life coach can help you do. One study found 67.6% of those coached reported an increased level of self awareness.

4. Create a balanced life.
Yes balance! the concept of balance is individual and therefore different for everyone. Yet it often refers to a content, peaceful, and harmonious relationship between your physical and cognitive being, as well as the major areas of life.

A life coach can help identify what balance looks like for you and create an action plan to achieve more balance in your life.

5. Build better relationships.
Communication is the key to relationships and society, and provides shared fulfilment in life. They are one of the major contributors to happiness yet are one of the most complex. The same ICF study reported 73% of clients improved their relationships as a result of coaching.

6. Achieve goals.
We all have aspirations however very few achieve them or even make them realistic goals with a plan for success. One main benefit of coaching is being able to have clear, precise goals with an action plan to get you there.

7. Find happiness.
The number one goal on most peoples bucket list, to find happiness. When you are unhappy it can be hard to imagine what a happy life would look like. Happiness is intrinsic, it is unique to you. Living in your authentic self, having individual goals, creating a life you dream of and being the best version of yourself, is the path to happiness.

8. Find your purpose.
Do you know what your purpose in life is? What life means to you? What your values are? What you represent? This again is unique to you, nobody else is you, nor has your burning desires. A life coach can guide you through to finding clarity, which is key to pursuing your own successful path in life.

9. Do what you love.
Imagine doing the one thing you love every day, finding happiness and satisfaction because you are pursuing it. Once you become self aware you are able to follow the path that aligns with your true purpose. Another benefit of having a coach, to bring this out of you.

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