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Coach Melissa  McGinness by Melissa McGinness
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The coaching community is buzzing... Here's what others are saying about their experiences with our Life Coach tutoring program.

“I found this training with Melissa life-changing. It has opened my mind to a world of growth and a form of helping people that has endless ways of. It was really REALLY good.” Michele Ruddy

“This session was eye-opening. I’ve learned a lot and been inspired to start taking some actions. It’s been an incredible journey and I can’t thank Melissa enough for providing this opportunity. Thank you thank you, thank you!!” - Maya Tong

“I loved the simplicity and depth of the knowledge presented in this training. I loved the fun and lightness Melissa brings to her training. But most importantly, I feel the confidence to get out and coach.” - Auror DeToit

“I could not have comprehended the growth I would I have experienced. I have gone to 6 different training programs and for the first time I understand coaching at a whole new level. Thank you for the experience, and for your incredible wealth of knowledge. " Susie L. Rogers

Trust it's helpful to hear others perspective :) I love helping new coaches achieve their goals.

I'd love to get yours... what would make You Successful? What would really rock your world and help YOU find your path forward to becoming a successful coach?

Email me for Your Coaching For Success Guide. This is will help you set up your coach session with ease.

Cheers, happy weekend to you!


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