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How is your emotional health? Read my 4 key strategies

Coach Manel Garcia by Manel Garcia
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The holiday season is just around the corner. While it can be a time of fun and enjoyment, it can also be a hectic, stressful period. On top of your usual workload, there are parties, shopping, and organising events and travel. It is easy to see how all this activity can lead to stress, and your emotional health *red light  turning on.

But what do you do to switch off this red light and change it to green?

You do this by working on your emotional health.

By *emotional health , I mean being in a state of mind where you are capable of dealing with those emotions that emerge especially at this time of year. A person with a good sense of emotional health is able to welcome problems and solve them without feeling stressed about it. This is known as being responsible for your own life and your own feelings.

I had a client who was stressed about everything in life such as work, relationships, finances, etc... When he came for the first time to do health coaching, he was sick and tired and the only the only thing he could talk about was how stressed he felt due to the people in his life. His emotional health was poor, and as a result, his physical health was suffering. He had a cascade of emotions and he didn't know how to deal with it.

After a few sessions, he understood what his real problem was, and he began to learn how to feel his emotions. You see, emotions are energy in movement. Many times we hold onto them and don't allow them to flow. This has the negative effect of stress in our bodies.

Would you like to know, how my client was able to process this emotional energy that he was holding on to?

Here is how:

You need to be honest about what you are feeling at the present moment. What I mean by this is that if you see yourself in a conflict, you need to be able to explain to the other party how you feel about the situation.

Do a minimum of 5-10 minutes of meditation. Concentrate on where in your body you hold the negative energy, and allow it to flow.

Ask yourself, *What is this emotion that I am feeling right now trying to tell me?  Emotions can be clues to our deeper feelings.

Stop any emotional avoidance strategies. These can include: drinking, smoking, overeating, and others. This type of strategy can help to suppress the emotion temporarily, but the real issue is still there.

I understand that at this point you could think: *it is difficult to do what you just asked me to do, I need my morning cigarette and evening glass of wine to release my stress from work and life.  I hear what you just said. Possibly you just need see someone who could help you find another way to deal with your emotional avoidance strategies.

It is just another idea for further self-exploration.

How is your emotional health and how do you deal with it?

In one of my next articles, I am going to dig deeper on what emotional health means. So, stay tune with me.

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