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Show me your goals and I will show you who you are

Coach Phoebus Apostolidis by Phoebus Apostolidis
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This is a famous saying out there that proves that where we want to go is where we are not. Common sense I know.

When someone doesn't have goals in life about were they want to go they end up drifting to where the current is taking them. That is dealing with old patterns, repeating habits that are no longer serving us and ending up in frustration after we keep getting the same results over and over.

Our old habits, mindset and set of beliefs tend to push us towards the direction we don't want to be going. But if we don't have a direction then where are we going?

First thing about goals is creating clarity about what we want in life. It starts with the results that we want to create. Most of the times they are set outwards about us getting something.

Through my life and practice I have found that the goals end up being our training ground. The goals our simply ways for us to grow as humans. That is why it becomes more important for us to enjoy the process.

Having clarity is great as we now know what we should be focusing on and finding the process in which we can create what we want. It creates boundaries that helps us to choose what is right at any given moment.

It gives birth to the question does this align with my goals?

As we define the process of what it is that we are trying to achieve and how we are going to achieve it we have to pause for a moment. Why?

To define our priority. There are certain habit goals that we feel we want in order to support ourselves. Those can be great to start with. At the same time we need to know what is important for us.

Goals tend to compete for our attention and when they start to compete we end up going around in circles. Knowing what to focus on at any given moment can be the difference between failure and success.

Lastly, one of the best things to do about your goals is to be detached from the result. It is a wierd one, because if we are going after what we want and we want it bad enough - we will be able to get it... Or so we think.

Being detached from the results is recognising the growth along the way. It is realising that what we build today as part of the process is as important. Is knowing that all the motion that I created today is the goal itself.

Not some distant future result that we want, not the fancy pride for our ego. It is the day to day progress in which we grow as human beings.

That is why it is important to have goals. To change the way we show up in the world.

To build your character.

Are you interested in building your character?

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