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Are you in touch with your professional self?

Coach Massimo Roselli by Massimo Roselli
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There's a huge body of research that proves that we get to a place of authenticity in our work life and job satisfaction when our professional identity is closely aligned with our personal identity.

Identity is all about the meanings given us by others and by ourselves. These meanings are built up through a complex web of experiences and behaviours, including social roles, group membership (our social identities) and personal traits that we display. Identity is the way we portray ourselves and how others respond to us.

Now, I'm asking you to close your eyes, take a nice deep breath and allow yourself to explore these questions:

- what do you think about your professional identity?

- Does it convey what you want it to about you?

- How do you feel about the assumptions and judgements that you think people are making, when you tell them what you do?

- What image comes to your mind, when you look at the behaviours you display in your job?

..The more you're comfortable with your professional identity, the more you're comfortable with your job..

How do you feel?

Sit with this feeling for a few days. Give yourself the permission to be honest and compassionate to yourself. You will start opening a few doors that might have been locked for a while.

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