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What is Life-Coaching?

Coach Melissa  McGinness by Melissa McGinness
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This is a song for those
Who lost their hope
A long a long time ago
I know someday that you will find it somehow
Because you're not too old
To accomplish goals
And all the answers are within your soul
It's up to you, you gotta figure it out
Uh huh
"Courage To Grow" - Rebellution

The purpose of life coaching is to deeply explore and learn about the power of personal development and when actioned correctly can help you to achieve a fulfilled life. The world is constantly changing and we are all going through shifts in our life in one way or another. From our personal relationships to our careers and everything in-between, change happens and is the only constant. Personal beliefs about yourself are crucial to how we see our world and use those beliefs to relate to others. These beliefs determine our actions and our emotions, they push us forward and hold us back. We may have defined ourselves by our body image and material possessions. Maybe this definition then evolved into defining ourselves by our results or the successes in a career field. We are at the precipice of the meaning-driven world, where we redefine ourselves.

Understanding these beliefs, limiting behavior and life strategies is what a Life Coach is there to help uncover with you and to help you reframe your intentions and tactics to start thinking about new goals or achieving goals that always felt out of reach. A Life-Coach is not there to solve your problems but together an exceptional Life-Coach will guide you through becoming what you always knew you could be.

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