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5 Hard Truths

Coach Melissa  McGinness by Melissa McGinness
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There's always an excuse when you need one
There's always an excuse when you need one, ah
Always tiptoe around the turncoat today, yeah
Which mood is it gonna be today, yeah
-311 There's Always An Excuse

Have you ever had that feeling that your goals were just a small achievable leap away but that leap was just wide enough that you were to scared to jump? Did you start working on a goal to just quit the next day or a week later, damaging your confidence along the way? Let’s go back and give some thought to that goal you set – did you really want it? Do you still really want it? That goal was just a small leap away, what is really preventing you from taking a hold of your goals, your dreams, your future?

Say you had set some expectations around an area of your life. Consider your career – does it provide the time and freedom that you are looking for or are you working more hours than you want to be working? Did you want to build your own company and never seized the opportunity to do so? Or maybe your relationships with friends and family are being scarified due to the demands at work? You are unfulfilled by your own broken promises. If you are truly unhappy with any area of your life, then your expectations and your reality are working against each other, preventing you from achieving the success that you have always wanted.

You are not alone in these challenge and to move forward, we need to face the Hard Truths that hold us back.

These are the 5 Hard Truths we will work through on.

Hard Truth #1: Don’t be your own worst enemy.

We are the ones who sabotage our hopes and dreams of living a fulfilled life. It’s not someone elses fault – it’s you who isn’t reaching your goals. You can’t set a goal to lose weight and eat cake everyday, then be miserable as you continue to gain weight.

Hard Truth # 2: Stop the waiting game.

Procrastination will get you absolutely nowhere in life. Monday will always come but so will Monday excuses. There will always be an excuse when you need one. You have to take control for what is important to you.

Hard Truth # 3: With out goals, you are at the mercy of life.

Life is consistently throwing curvballs at us, we spend our time dodging rather then forging a head. Years pass by and your hopes and dreams become lost in the distant view, almost completely forgotten about. Plan things ahead and steer life in your own direction. Make goals, so you know what you’re doing and how to get there.

Hard Truth # 4: No one is coming to motivate you, save you, elevate you up – motivation is a lie.

Too often we are waiting on help, for someone to do it with us, for motivation to kick in. It’s NOT happening. The people around you have their own lives and their own Hard Truths to deal with. They don’t have time to ensure you are on track with your own goals. If you are waiting for motivation to hit, here is the hard truth about that. Motivation, comes and goes in small quick doses. So what do you do when it’s gone? It’s time to put on our adult pants, focus inward and be our own strength to
achieve our goals.

Hard Truth 5: You will fail, so what!

If you expect to go through life without failure, I have news for you – it’s impossible! So why not fail going after the things we want in life. Failure helps you understand what went well and what areas you need to improve on. With that information, you can come back stronger than before with a newfound purpose. It’s like taking a test for the second time. This time, you know what questions are coming, so you know what to expect. Let me reframe fail for you. Fail is a progress to learn, improvise, and adapt. As life progresses, the situations around you continue to get harsher. You must learn to adapt to the times, or your
will quit before you even have a chance to success.

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