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Don´t panic, nothing is under control. Can you see what means? Take a minute to wonder before continue reading
We do the greatest efforts to control every single moment in our lives. We want our workmate to behave in certain way, our son to do this and that, our body to be more fit, our mum not to call us so often....
Another way of seeing it is that our workmate annoyed us, our son stress us out, our body make us feel uncomfortable or our mum makes us feel unmatured.
So we want to control the situation. We don´t want to feel in this way, we try our best to avoid it. Let´s say that the "wants" are the strategies to not meet these feelings.
So this is the part that I call "being the victim of my circustances". Always is someone who is making me feel like this . Living in this way sounds pretty tight to me.
I invite you to feel how is to be in this situation, where you are just a victim of all what is happening in your life. Just give you a few seconds for this
Now suddenly, feel the freedom of not having to control anything, the freedom of letting things be as they are, please take a minute to feel this space, this relaxation
And be the one who feels annoyed by what your workmate says. Just say, I´m stress when I see my son going out with his friends, I feel uncomfortable when I wear this kind of clothes, or I feel unmatured when my mum talk to me saying how I should do things
I am the one who experience, the one who lives, the one who feels. I take responsability for this moment. I call it "being the creator of my life"

I invite you to do a little exercise:
Find a comfortable sitting position and close your eyes
1) Spend just a couple of minutes or so(more if you feel you didn´t build enough vibration in the topic), thinking of a situation, or two, where someone makes you feel "emotion"
2) With your eyes closed, feel the space, the tightnes/relaxation of your body, just be curiose how your body react

Now we do it in the other way around
3) Spend a couple of minutes or so, thinking of the same situation, and now say to yourself, When this person do/did this, I feel "emotion"
4) With your eyes closed, feel the space, the tightnes/relaxation of your body, just be curiose how your body react

WARNING: please take it easy, never push hard and get into an overwhelmed emotion. This is an exercise to practice and be curiose of the differencies to life from each scenery

Much love,

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