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The Yin and Yang of Transformational Coaching

Coach Sam Green by Sam Green
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I believe the harmony between doing and being is central to a fulfilling life. Too much focus on doing and achieving can cause us to miss out on the beauty that is all around us. Too much focus on being and we may not satisfy our dreams and desires.

A life full of achievement and wonder is my holy grail. This is the dual energy I endeavour to bring to my coaching space. The art of presence and the science of achievement.

The Evolution of Humanistic Coaching

Coaching has long been associated with goal-setting and focussed on outcomes. A goal is identified and then a closed process is used to follow the goal through to success. I would comment that this is the yang approach to progress.

More recently, coaching has adopted another more powerful core value. This is the value of being present, being connected and fully-engaged, yet detached at the same time. It is a state of focussed flow. I would comment that this new dimension is the yin approach to progress. While not seeming to actively produce results, this open element is essential to recalibrating your course of action, reflecting on what has been achieved and aligning authentically with who you are as a person.

Listening to Intuition

Say for example, two weeks into a project, you start to have doubts about whether it will produce the outcome you desire. You are not quite sure what is wrong, it is a feeling rather than a logical conclusion. On paper everything looks fine and it could be easy to persuade yourself that these feelings are just procrastination and they'll go away if you keep powering on.

But what if the feelings don't go away.

The traditional approach may be to carry on regardless. To ignore these feelings. To suppress intuition and invest entirely into logic, forward-motion and acquisition.

Person-centric, transformational coaching takes goal setting and achievement as one part of the process. It is harmonised with reflection, with exploration and with an ear for the intuitive tugs of the mind and gut.

Why Is This So Valuable?

Such an approach gives you the chance to recalibrate your course of action. Often the intuitive tug on your awareness will provide a valuable clue as to your next best step. It is the subconscious indicating that something outside of your conscious awareness requires your attention.

Recalibrating in this way saves a great amount of time and effort. It keeps you in touch with your goal, whilst painting it into the whole picture of who you are and why you are here. It puts all of your resources and forces in line and makes it effortless to commit wholeheartedly and without reservation.

Lightspeed Progress

You already know all the answers. You have every resource within you to create the life of your dreams. But I know from experience that these resources can be concealed from conscious awareness. They may reveal themselves over time, and practices like journalling and self-expression can go some way to speed up this process.

But nothing beats the speed of progress that can be obtained from engaging with a coach who truly listens, asks incisive, thoughtful questions and makes you think in entirely new ways. I've experienced it myself - progress that would take me six months to make on my own, has occurred in a single afternoon.

A harmonious life requires a harmonious coach. Balance your doing with being and not only will you end up where you want to be more swiftly, you'll be closer to your authentic self and in line with your higher purpose.

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