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3 Tips for Combating Insane Cravings and Binge Urges

Coach Helen Wong by Helen Wong
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???????????????????????????? When someone tells me they have insane cravings or binge urges or feel like they're starving while following following this or that diet, and they still haven’t achieved their weight loss goals...

I’m actually happy to hear those stories. Because they knew what they knew. And now know what NOT to do.

We don't know what we don't know.

If you’ve been gaining and losing the same weight for years, then you’ll want to know this so you can save yourself a lot of time, frustration, and headaches.

There are too many women out there who have a hard time achieving lasting weight loss...
...because they just want the diet to be over as soon as possible so they can enjoy their favorite food again or so that they can enjoy nights-out again
...because those diets just teach them deprivation and restriction, which they're not willing to do for the rest of their lives
...because diets only take into account ONE aspect of weight loss and completely ignore the other aspects that come into play-as a result, as soon as they finish their diet, they haven't learnt coping skills, they haven't made any habit changes that are useful for maintaining the weight loss...they just want the diet done and over

????????????????Are you one of them?????????????????

So as soon as the diets they absolutely hated being on finish, they go back to their old habits, their old way of eating...
And because they've deprived themselves for so long while dieting, it's not surprising that as soon as they finish, they end up binging on their favorite treats, because they "deserve" it, right?

And when you’re constantly bombarded with these challenges in your life, it’s hard to get your head out of the weeds and realize you’re making the same mistake that’s not helping you.

I get it... because I’ve been there too and have helped many others like you.

But first you gotta accept that what you’re doing is not working.

So instead of continuing with all the trial and error and depriving yourself and having to live with struggling to know which diet to follow, here’s what you can do to finally achieve achieve lasting weight loss!

#1 — focus on tuning into your body's signals
What makes you feel good, satisfied, energetic, happy?
What makes you feel crap, leaving you hungry an hour later?
A meal plan that works for you is NOT going to make you feel tired, deprived, lacking energy or focus.

#2 — focus on adding in more "eat more" foods, instead of cutting out foods.
This will entirely shift your mindset from deprivation to nourishing your body.
Satisfying your body's physical needs also decreases cravings
BONUS: By having more "eat more" foods, there's less space in your stomach for the "eat less" foods

#3 — focus on your mind and body.
This will ensure you can keep the weight off long-term! That's why in the Stop Binge Eating Program, I not only focus on your eating and nutrition, I use psychological techniques to help you learn skills that will help you manage your emotions, establish a new routine that's enjoyable and help you shift the focus from food to living a life full of health, happiness and confidence!

Even if you can consistently do one of these tips, you’ll finally start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. And you meet your body's needs without blindly following one-size-fits-all diets that will most likely leave you feeling deprived without giving you lasting results.

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