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The Power of Words

Coach Suja Vairavanathan by Suja Vairavanathan
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I completed an exercise with my own life coach the other day that made me think about the words we use to describe how we are feeling.
Overwhelmed. Stuck. Stressed.
These words all have one thing in common. They don’t mean much. But at the same time, they mean so much. They can tell a person how you are feeling, without actually explaining how you are feeling.
It was interesting to see that such emotive words had even bigger emotive words behind them. Words like out of control, anxious and numb.
And those words made me sad. Those words made me cry. Those words made me feel like I didn’t know what I was doing.
These words made me feel weak.
But then I realised. These words made me feel powerful. These words made me who I am. These words made me feel proud.
I stopped questioning what I should be doing, and started answering why I was doing it.

We are all living the path that we are meant to be living. The path that you are truly aligned to life. It might not feel like it at this moment in time. You might be feeling overwhelmed. Stuck. Stressed. But you also can find other words that help to describe exactly what you are feeling.

Words have such a powerful effect on us. Words can make or break you. You do not realise the power of what you have said to someone until you realise they have changed the way they are because of you, or have held onto some throw away comment you made when you were angry. Words can build your future if you let them.

You can build your future if you let yourself.

Stop holding onto the past to figure out your present.

Let the magic happen.

As always,
Light and love,

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