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Are you over-filtering your emotions?

Coach Phoebus Apostolidis by Phoebus Apostolidis
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Emotions are one of our senses, although it doesn't belong to the 5 senses. We experience impressions from our emotions that help us understand ourselves and the world around us.

Ignoring and suppressing emotions doesn't help us in any way. It is like seeing a big bus coming our way and pretending it's not there. It is there and it is coming your way. Emotions affect how we feel about ourselves and how we react to things.

The key to any emotion is to experience it for what it is. Understand the meaning of what it is trying to tell us. Understanding the thoughts that create and sustain them.

If an emotions goes unprocessed or unexpressed it only rises in size. Sometimes it becomes unbearable and it creates a big impact in how we feel towards ourself and others.

Like a pot boiling over water. We need to take the lid off and switch the heat off.

Learning to accept the things that we feel is an important step to our growth. We don't get upset at a Stop sign or a red light - we don't get upset at the signals. Accept the things that you feel, see what it is that they are trying to communicate to you. Then find a way to express them in a healthy way.

Sometimes it's not the best way or the way we intended them. Learn from it.

Sharing how you feel, will open the doors for you. It doesn't mean you will resolve the situation. But it does mean that you will express yourself and speak your truth. Being authentic to who you are - that creates honesty. It also creates transparency with others.

By expressing your emotions you will receive a gift. The gift of clarity and growth.


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