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Goals and The Journey of Life

Coach Tahir  Aslam by Tahir Aslam
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Every journey requires a destination. Ships require a port. Planes a landing terminal. We configure our Sat Navs and map applications before we head off towards a distant and unfamiliar place? But what about the direction of our lives?

Are we merely keeping our fingers crossed behind our proverbial backs, squeezing our figurative eyes shut, just hoping for the best! Perhaps it feels like you’re just drifting along, being carried by the currents of life, like debris floating along, direction unknown, place unbidden.

Either we’re active participants in our lives, or passive spectators. Neither cheering ourselves on, or keeping stock of what’s been accomplished, and what still remains of our potential.

Goals are the guiding light, the map that keeps us heading in the right direction. Our value system is the compass pointing the way.

Sure, the storms will strike. There are natural storms, economic storms, personal storms, emotional storms, and relationship storms. Sometimes we find ourselves being rolled over by huge waves. The light fades to be replaced by ominous dark clouds. Winters come and go, seasons change, and the weather becomes more temperate. We are emerging out of a storm and the light can be seen. We’ve had time to reflect and take stock of our lives. Measure the consequences, the losses, the pain, and the mental anguish.

As we make our way to a better tomorrow and the storms pass what of your life, your career, your ambitions, and hopes and dreams. Having well thought out goals gives us a sense of direction, where we are going, and why?

Without clear objectives life carries us along on its own trajectory. We become victims of circumstance and situations. The storms arrive and we’re unprepared and ill equipped to meet it. As the waters churn and the wind howls, we need a destination. You are the Captain and the Navigator. You can pass through the storm.

Now is a good time to establish a target. Is there a job you’ve always wanted? A career path that occupies your thinking. Perhaps you’ve wandered about taking up a part time course?

Write out your goals in a clear format. What you want, why you want it, and when you want it! Next think about the beliefs you may have to change to reach your goal. Are there certain beliefs that are holding you back? Think about all the variables surrounding your goal. What needs to change? Are there going to be challenges? Write them all down and think of ways you can overcome them.

Allow your mind free reign to brainstorm ideas and strategies. Set aside 20 minutes of your day to define your goals and map out a way to achieve them. Your life will thank you for it!

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