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Move Be Moved

Coach Bernadett Halaj by Bernadett Halaj
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‘I had to make you uncomfortable otherwise you would never have moved.’

This was shared with me a couple of days ago, thought to share it with you, you who stumbles upon it. This statement resonates with me is true to me. I reflected on my ups and downs yesterday. The losses that I experienced, for example saying goodbye to my students, colleagues and a school environment where I left visible and invisible footprints (trees on the premises that I planted and the atmosphere that was thick from emotions). Then I pursued a new career where I hoped to help and grow my skills further I did, but an unexpected series of events reminded me of my own trauma. Racialized trauma triggered mine. I am learning how to deal with it and I am getting better at it.

What helped me through my challenges in the past transformational year was conscious decision to seek support and deal with my ‘pain’ – coaching helped me through and allowed me to breathe, to find my way through the complex and complicated chaos that I found myself in. Time to time I check in with myself to flash out my own internalised blockages and move better forward.
The ups are: I value my work and is valued by others, it puts me in awe when I see the other person’s light namely vulnerability.
I believe that we are all connected, intra- connected (Neurobiology) we all part of the natural world and we all have the ability to gift so I decided to share mine more often.

Here is to your dreams, visions and more lines to your own story!

PS: I invite you to give some thoughts to the question below. Observe your reactions when the thoughts come up
What is that thing that has to happen for you to ‘move’ and better yourself at something?

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