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How to make a change in your life?

Coach Andreea Rus by Andreea Rus
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Everything that needs to be changed, first needs to be accepted.
Read that again
Let’s say you want to change your lifestyle because you are so out of shape and you start to feel the consequences of not taking care of your body, mind and soul. You decide to make a change and eat healthy, meditate 1 hour a day and work out for another, and just to top up you are going to squeeze in some journaling because you follow x, y, z on the Instagram and you know how many benefits these will bring into your life. So, everything just makes perfect sense in your mind, and you wonder why you didn’t start earlier? But the issue with this plan is that it starts from a place of not enoughness, and that is not an effective way to start because if you are unworthy to begin with, then why should you even bother to work hard for someone who is not worth your energy and effort? As hard as it may seem to believe what I am going to tell you; you can only begin the change process if you already love yourself just the way you are, and where you are right now. I know this might sound paradoxical at first, but it isn’t. The next question arising is: ok, but how do I love myself because I am so screwed up and there are many things that are wrong with me? And if I am telling you, that there is nothing wrong with you and you are perfect just the way you are, you won’t believe me because you have tried many techniques in the past and many tools, hoping they will help you change habits, or to change something, anything in your life but it just didn’t work. The reason why most people “fail” at creating a change in their life is because they don’t believe they deserve it. You are only as capable or as good as you can believe it.
It’s all about raising your vibration to that which you want to attract in your life. The process of change normally includes but is not limited to:
• come to terms with what IS,
• sit with that which makes you feel uncomfortable.
• Befriend your demons, and they will no longer hunt you.
Come to a quite place, where there is no more judgement, no more hatred toward yourself or that part of you that you would like to change, and then you can begin to focus on what you want to attract/ create in your life. Don’t overbear yourself trying to do it alone, we are social animals, we need connection to heal. Get the help you need, it’s easier and it will definitely pay off. I promise.
You got this!
Andreea Rus

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