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How to improve your relationships?

Coach Andreea Rus by Andreea Rus
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How to improve your relationships?
Work on yourself. Work so hard and so much, that you are too busy to be seeking out validation. Is not an easy road, in fact is the hardest road but it’s 100% worth it. There is no way I can explain this to you in just one sentence however everything evolves around the idea that we are all messed up, and that there is no one person that has it all figured out, actually it’s the expectancy of some future accomplishment that keeps us motivated and energetic. If you want to be attractive to someone it’s important that you are attractive to yourself first. I know all this might sound to you like a cliché, but it’s not. I had a conversation with my mum the other day(she is at a low point in her life), and while I was trying to convince her why changing some of her habits would be highly beneficial to her, she was able to bring endless reasons why she doesn’t need a change in her life right now. She was blaming people in her life for how she feels, without for a second considering that might be her… that maybe she is the one that can take the responsibility and bring about a different outcome. It’s interesting how we are able to go to great ends in order to avoid the responsibility for our own destiny. Things don’t happen overnight, and most likely will never happen 100% our way, but we really do have to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions. We are all experts in someone else’s life, but we don’t know what to do with ours, is not like life comes with a manual of instructions and there is only one way to do things and everything is certain. You can’t get to comfortable with pretty much everything in your life because nothing lasts forever. You don’t last forever! You cannot get it wrong if you never settle and always seek ways to improve yourself a little, and every time your attention drifts onto others, bring it back to you. You don’t have to make big changes, it can be as small as drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach in morning, just something to ground you and remind you that when you say you are going to do something, you do it! And the sum of all these little changes are going to improve your life in ways you never imagined possible for you. It’s consistency and perseverance what we need to harvest in order to put up with big challenges in our lives. Nevertheless, is important that we are compassionate with ourselves; what life is that, if we cannot forgive ourselves for our past mistakes and learn from it? No need to hold on to grudges, life is to short. And when you are able to love yourself, you should be able to love the other. If you want to be attractive to someone, make yourself lovable by closing the gap between who you want to be and who you are.

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